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Planning a night out that involves drinking? Consider using SafeRides.

How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!

Preventing a friend from driving under the influence can be challenging. When someone is intoxicated, it’s the alcohol speaking, not your friend. Alcohol can lead to aggressive behavior and impaired judgment, making it unsafe to drive. Poor motor skills, dulled senses, and a higher risk of accidents are all reasons to discourage your friends from driving while intoxicated. SafeRides offers a solution to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Take Control of the Situation.

When your friend arrives at a party under the influence, your top priority should be ensuring they don’t drive. Safeguarding their car keys or arranging a safe ride is the responsible course of action. Preventing them from driving drunk can avert potential dangers, so make your best effort. Use phrases like:

  • “I left my phone in your car; can I have the keys to retrieve it?”
  • “Lets book a Safe Ride to get back home”.

Be Ready to Act Firmly.

How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!

Your intoxicated friend might protest, accusing you of “ruining the fun” or trying to control them. Expect this reaction and remain composed. Emphasize your concern for their safety as the primary motivation behind your actions.

  • Maintain a calm and gentle tone during your conversation. Alcohol tends to heighten irritability, so avoid making provocative or anger-inducing statements.
  • Regardless of your friend’s resistance, stand your ground. Reiterate that you’re calling SafeRides because you care.
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