About SafeRides and FAQs

What is SafeRides.org?

Safe Rides Unlimited is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization (EIN: 20-1536261) with the goal to minimize and prevent Drunk, Distracted and Tired Driving. Our charity has partnered with reputable local transportation companies and negotiated highly discounted rates to provide our customers with safe, luxurious and fun rides at affordable rates. Booking through SafeRides.org can save you up to 50% compared to hiring the same limo company directly.

In 2008, we introduced a realistic and effective alternative to drinking and driving by offering a safe round-trip transportation solution for bringing people to and from their parties safely in Party Buses, Stretch SUVs, Stretch Sedans, Vans, Charter Buses.

We started off by giving Safe Rides to campus students across New Jersey. Currently, we offer safe transportation services nationwide.

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How does the pricing work?

The quoted rates are all-inclusive. There is no sales tax, fuel surcharge or other common fees. Tolls are included for all rides. Tip is optional.

The total amount is made of the base rate for the ride and SafeRides donation. The donation is to be paid by a credit card when you book. Your donation helps SafeRides sustain its operations. Since SafeRides is a non-profit organization, the donation is tax deductible. However, it's not refundable once the ride is confirmed.

The base rate amount is to be paid to driver in cash or credit card.

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Why SafeRides is so affordable?

We have partnered with reputable transportation companies that give us special rates due to the fact we are a non-profit charity focused on total safety on roads. We take these discounted rates and pass them along directly to you so you save up to 50% on some rides. Additional venue incentives are also available like free, reduced or guaranteed admission, line priority, VIP service. We are making the concept of being safe on the road cool, fun and most importantly so cost effective. Party hard but party smart! Be safe on the roads and help save a life!

No account, email or credit card is required to get a quote.

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How does Safe Rides Unlimited differ from other non profits?

Our goal is to achieve the highest possible results in reducing tragic accidents caused by drunk and/or distracted drivers. We are realistic in knowing how difficult it is to change human behavior, especially when alcohol is such an embedded part of social culture. By creating a unique economic model, we have been successful in incentivizing people to use our luxury transportation services. By creating a fun evening and a VIP experience, we are building up a loyal ridership of people who would otherwise chance driving while intoxicated to return home from a night on the town.

Our model is different from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which channels public outrage and anger over drunk driving tragedies to educate the public and bring legislative change. Likewise, we are different from Alcoholics Anonymous, which has a larger goal of helping people fight and cope with the disease of alcoholism.

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What are the Diffrent Rides Types?

Round Trip, also known as pickup/drop off service, is the most popular service. A beautiful luxury vehicle will be waiting for your group of friends at the doorsteps to take you to your destination. When the event is over, your ride will be ready at a set time to bring you back home safely. Tolls are included in the rate for all rides.

One Way is an affordable service to get to your destination. This is also a convenient way to return back home, if you arrived to the destination by other means.

Hourly is a service for people who want to enjoy different venues and locations throughout the night. The vehicle and driver stays with you the whole time.

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How does SafeRides.org work?

  1. Select Ride Type. Choose Round Trip to have the driver bring you back home after the event (no time limit!). Select Hourly, if you plan to make multiple stops.

  2. Pickup Address. Enter address the driver should pick you up. Type in the address and select it from the suggested list. If city did not come up in the results, type in city as well.

  3. Select Date and Enter Time for your ride. In NY/NJ Area, you can book Sedans and SUVs up to 1 hour in advance; Stretch Vehicles, Vans and Minibuses - 2 hours; Party Buses - 6 hours; Charter Buses - 24 hours. Outside of NY/NJ Area, you can book any vehicle 24 hours in advance.

  4. Indicate number of people in your party. Up to 55 people can be accommodated.

  5. Need to make a short stop somewhere? If you need to pick up your friends at another location on the way there, you can specify the address to stop. A stop is allowed for people pick up/drop off, but not for venue visits.

  6. Destination Address. Type in the address and select it from the suggested list. If city did not come up in the results, type in city as well.

  7. If booking an Hourly Ride: Enter number of hours you want to keep the vehicle. Friday through Sunday, the minimum is 5 hours. Monday through Thursday, it's 4 hours..

  8. Select Vehicle Type

    Review rates and select a vehicle that suites your needs.

    The base rate amount is to be paid to driver in cash or credit card. SafeRides donation to be paid by a credit card when you book. It's tax deductible, but not refundable.

    The rates are all-inclusive. Meaning, there is no sales tax, any surcharges or other common fees. Tolls (if any) are included as well.

    For Round Trip and One Way rides, the rate quote is based on the distance, vehicle type and number of people. Due to special circumstances the actual rate might be higher. We will contact you to confirm the ride if quoted rate changes

  9. Log in, if you are an exsting customer.

    If you are new to Safe Rides, please create an account to finalize booking. This is one-time process. Your credit card will not be charged until you review and confirm your booking.

    If you booked over the phone in the past, you already have an account. Click Find Account to get temporary password and finish this reservation.

  10. Review and Book. When you book we will place a temporary hold for 20% of the total ride cost on your credit card. This tax deductible Safe Ride donation is to be paid on top of the total ride cost.

  11. Wait for the reservation to be confirmed. Safe Rides Unlimited will arrange your ride and assign a vehicle. You will receive email, when confirmed. You can also check the status online in My Reservations after you login to SafeRides.org. At the time of confirmation, you credit card will be charged the donation amount, which is also serves as a gratuity.

  12. Get Ready. You may receive a call from the transportation provider to finalize any details.

  13. Enjoy the ride, have fun and come back safe. Please pay driver in cash. There is no sales tax, fuel surcharge or other common fees. Tolls are included for all rides.

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Are people allowed to drink in the Safe Ride Vehicles?

As a non profit, we do not encourage people to drink while using our safe rides for a couple of reasons. One being that since we partner with clubs we cannot have people show up intoxicated because the club will not allow them entry. Second, our pricing is so low we can not afford to spend money every night to get the cars professionaly cleaned due to spilled alcohol etc.

However, if the customer agrees to accept all responsiblity and understands our promise to get them into clubs for free will no longer apply, they can be allowed to drink. In case someone vomits or if the vehicle is left abnormally dirty then the passengers will be responsible for $150 charge for cleaning.

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Can I choose a specific vehicle?

That depends on availability. For instance, demand for our service is growing in certain locations and especially on weekend evenings. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate vehicle requests.

We offten provide free upgrades when a better vehicle is availbale. However, you should not count on an upgrade every time.

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What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you cancel a trip within 7 days of the trip, you will be responsible to pay up to 50% of your trip total. If you cancel your trip within the 4 days of the trip you will be responsible for the 100% amount of the trip. In the event there is a natural emergency such as a blizzard, flooding that makes us unable to provide the service on the scheduled trip date, the group can reschedule the trip without loosing the deposit or having to pay the deposit again. The trip must be rescheduled for sometime within the next 3 weeks of the original trip date.

The 20% donation paid with a credit card is non-refundable.

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How do I get a receipt for my charitable contribution?

All deposits paid at time of booking are tax deductible! Once a safe ride has been reserved the safe rider will receive a confirmation email that can be used as a receipt.

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Where is Safe Rides Unlimited service available?

The reservations are now accepted for all US cities and states. The areas with the most coverage are New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Los Angeles.

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What benefits are there for clubs, bars, and restaurants to become Safe Rides member venues?

The biggest benefit is the steady stream of business brought in by Safe Rides ridership. Likewise the buzz created when Safe Rides limousines arrive to drop off or pick up patrons. However, the real benefit is helping to reduce tragedies resulting from drunken driving accidents. Participation in Safe Rides helps establishments in various ways - reduced liability insurance premiums by taking an active approach to lowering DUI incidents, improved relations with community boards, and enhanced brand awareness and loyalty with Safe Rides growing base of customers.

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What benefits are there for luxury transportation companies who provide Safe Rides services?

Because each of these companies is a for-profit business, none can create the same economic model that Safe Rides Unlimited offers. It is a great opportunity for transportation companies to join up with Safe Rides to share in the program's rapid success. The steady stream of business is an excellent incentive to participation.

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How can I become Saferides driver?

If you own and operate licensed and insured limos, party buses, stretch SUVs, minibuses, vans and other similar commercial vehicles, you can partner with us to make supplemental income by providing rides for Saferides customers. DriversNow is the official SafeRides provider. With DriversNow, you can save on marketing and advertising costs and maximize the use of your vehicles by filling in the empty time slots. Individual drivers are not accepted at this time.

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