About SafeRides and FAQs

SafeRides.org: Minimizing Drunk, Distracted, and Tired Driving

Safe Rides Unlimited, also known as SafeRides, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the risks of drunk, distracted, and tired driving. As a 501(c)(3) charity (EIN: 20-1536261), our mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation options while promoting responsible decision-making.

Through our partnerships with reputable local transportation companies, we have secured exclusive discounted rates to offer our customers safe, luxurious, and enjoyable rides at affordable prices. By booking through SafeRides.org, you can save up to 50% compared to hiring the same limo company directly.

Since 2003, we have been pioneering realistic and effective alternatives to drinking and driving. Our round-trip transportation solutions ensure the safe arrival and departure of individuals from parties and events. We offer a diverse range of vehicles, including Party Buses, Stretch SUVs, Stretch Limos, Vans, and Charter Buses, to cater to your specific needs.

Our journey began with a focus on providing safe rides to campus students across New Jersey. Today, we are proud to offer our trusted and reliable transportation services nationwide.

Choose SafeRides.org and let us be your partner in promoting a safer and more responsible approach to transportation.

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Understanding SafeRides All-Inclusive Rates

SafeRides employs a transparent pricing model, offering all-inclusive rates without hidden fees, including tolls in the quoted rates. The total fare comprises a base rate, payable via cash or credit card, and a donation to SafeRides, a non-profit organization supporting their mission to provide these cost effective transportation solutions, processed securely at the time of booking and tax-deductible. Once confirmed, the donation is non-refundable.

We operate on the principle that tipping is not mandatory; it is solely at the discretion of the customer whether to provide a tip to their driver. This emphasizes the company's commitment to providing a hassle-free experience while giving customers the freedom to express appreciation for exceptional service through gratuity if they so desire.

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Affordability of SafeRides: Partnerships and Discounts

Wondering why SafeRides stands out as an affordable transportation option?

We've established valuable partnerships with reputable transportation companies that offer us special rates. As a non-profit charity with a primary focus on road safety, these companies recognize the importance of our mission and extend discounted pricing to us. This allows us to pass on the savings directly to you, our valued customers. With SafeRides, you can save up to 50% on select rides compared to other options.

But the benefits don't stop there. We also provide additional incentives at various venues. Enjoy perks like free or reduced admission, guaranteed entry, priority access, and VIP services. We believe in making safety on the road not only responsible but also cool, fun, and, most importantly, cost-effective. So go ahead, party hard, but party smart! Prioritize your safety on the roads and help us save lives.

One of the great aspects of our service is that you can easily obtain a quote without needing to create an account, provide an email address, or enter your credit card details. We value your convenience and strive to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

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Safe Rides Unlimited: Redefining Non-Profit Impact

Safe Rides Unlimited sets itself apart from other non-profit organizations by adopting a unique approach to achieve our mission of reducing tragic accidents caused by drunk and distracted drivers. We understand the challenge of changing human behavior, especially when alcohol is deeply ingrained in social culture. That's why we've developed an innovative economic model that incentivizes people to choose our luxury transportation services.

By creating an enjoyable and VIP experience, we attract individuals who would otherwise take the risk of driving while intoxicated to get home after a night out. Our goal is to make the evening both fun and safe, building a loyal ridership that appreciates the value of responsible transportation.

It's important to note that our approach differs from other organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). While MADD focuses on channeling public outrage and driving legislative change, we focus on creating an enticing alternative that resonates with individuals directly. We're also distinct from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which primarily supports individuals in their fight against alcoholism.

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Flexible and Convenient Ride Types

ROUND TRIP: The Most Popular Choice. Our round trip service, also known as pickup/drop off service, is a favorite among our customers. A stunning luxury vehicle will be waiting at your doorstep to transport your group of friends to your destination. After the event, your ride will be ready at a prearranged time to ensure a safe and comfortable journey back home. Rest assured that tolls are already included in the rate for all rides, making your experience hassle-free.

ONE-WAY: Affordable and Convenient. If you're looking for a cost-effective solution to reach your destination, our one-way service is the way to go. It's a convenient option not only for getting to your destination but also for your return trip if you arrived using other means of transportation. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of Safe Rides Unlimited for a smooth journey.

HOURLY: Flexibility to Explore Multiple Venues. For those who want the freedom to explore different venues and locations throughout the night, our hourly service is the perfect choice. With this option, the vehicle and driver remain at your disposal for the duration of your chosen timeframe. This flexibility allows you to make the most of your night, moving from one place to another without any worries.

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Book Your Ride in a Few Simple Steps

  1. Select Ride Type. Choose Round Trip to have the driver bring you back home after the event. Select Hourly, if you plan to make multiple stops.

  2. Pickup Address. Provide the address where you want the driver to pick you up. Simply type in the address and select it from the suggested list. If your city doesn't appear in the results, type in the city name as well

  3. Choose Date and Time. Select the desired date and enter the time for your ride. In the NY/NJ Area, Sedans and SUVs can be booked up to 1 hour in advance, Stretch Vehicles, Vans, and Minibuses - 2 hours, Party Buses - 6 hours, and Charter Buses - 24 hours. Outside of the NY/NJ Area, you can book any vehicle 24 hours in advance.

  4. Specify the Number of Passengers. Indicate the number of people in your party. Our vehicles can accommodate up to 55 passengers.

  5. Short Stop Requests. If you need to make a quick stop to pick up friends along the way, you can specify the address for the stop. Please note that stops are only allowed for pick up and drop off, not for venue visits.

  6. Enter Destination Address. Type in the address of your destination and select it from the suggested list. Again, if the city doesn't appear in the results, type in the city name as well.

  7. Enter Number of Hours you want to keep the vehicle. The minimum requirement is 5 hours on Fridays through Sundays and 4 hours from Mondays through Thursdays.

  8. Select Vehicle Type

    Review the rates and choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

    The base rate amount is to be paid directly to the driver in cash or credit card. The SafeRides donation should be paid by credit card when you book. It is tax deductible but non-refundable.

    The rates quoted are all-inclusive, covering sales tax, surcharges, and tolls.

    For Round Trip and One Way rides, the rate quote is based on the distance, vehicle type and number of people. Due to special circumstances the actual rate might be higher. We will contact you to confirm the ride if quoted rate changes

  9. Log in, if you are an exsting customer.

    If you are new to Safe Rides, please create an account to finalize booking. This is one-time process. Your credit card will not be charged until you review and confirm your booking.

    If you booked over the phone in the past, you already have an account. Click Find Account to get temporary password and finish this reservation.

  10. Review and Book. Once you've entered all the necessary details, review your reservation. Please note that a temporary hold of 20% of the total ride cost will be placed on your credit card as a tax-deductible SafeRides donation.

  11. Wait for Confirmation. will arrange your ride and assign a vehicle. You will receive an email notification once your reservation is confirmed. You can also check the status of your reservation online in the My Reservations section after logging in to SafeRides.org.

  12. Finalize Details. You may receive a call from the transportation provider to finalize any additional details.

  13. Enjoy Your Ride. Sit back, relax, and have a great time! Please remember to pay the driver in cash or credit card. There are no sales tax, fuel surcharge, or other common fees. Tolls are included for all rides.

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SafeRides Policy on Alcohol Consumption in Vehicles

As a non-profit organization, we do not encourage drinking in our vehicles for a couple of important reasons. Firstly, our partnerships with clubs require us to ensure that passengers are not intoxicated upon arrival, as this may result in denial of entry. Secondly, our affordable pricing model does not cover frequent professional cleaning costs associated with spills or excessive mess caused by alcohol consumption.

However, we understand that there may be instances where passengers wish to drink during the ride. In such cases, we require customers to accept full responsibility and acknowledge that our promise of free club entry no longer applies. It is important to note that if any passenger vomits or the vehicle is left abnormally dirty, a cleaning charge of $150 will be applied.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers while maintaining the affordability and quality of our services.

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Choosing a Specific Vehicle: What You Need to Know

At SafeRides, we understand that our customers may have preferences when it comes to the type of vehicle they ride in. While we strive to fulfill specific vehicle requests, it ultimately depends on availability at the time of booking.

As our service continues to gain popularity, particularly on weekend evenings and in high-demand locations, securing a specific vehicle may not always be guaranteed. However, we do our best to accommodate requests whenever possible.

It's worth noting that we often provide free upgrades to customers when a better vehicle becomes available. However, it's important to keep in mind that upgrades cannot be guaranteed for every ride.

Rest assured, our team is dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable ride, and we will make every effort to meet your vehicle preferences based on availability.

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Cancellation Policy

Once your reservation is confirmed, the deposit paid with a credit card is non-refundable. If you cancel your trip within 4 days of the scheduled date, a 50% charge of the remaining balance will apply. For cancellations made within 2 days of the trip, the remaining balance will be subject to a 100% charge. Please note that cancellations cannot be made via email or voicemail. You must call our customer service to cancel your reservation.

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How to Obtain a Receipt for Your Charitable Contribution

All deposits made at the time of booking are tax deductible! After reserving a safe ride, you will receive a confirmation email that can serve as your receipt.

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Where is Safe Rides Unlimited service available?

The reservations are now accepted for all US cities and states. The areas with the most coverage are New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Los Angeles.

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Benefits for Clubs, Bars, and Restaurants to Become SafeRides Member Venues

  • Increased business: Safe Rides brings a consistent flow of customers to member venues, generating steady revenue. Positive buzz and reputation: The arrival of Safe Rides limousines creates excitement and generates positive word-of-mouth for member establishments.
  • Reduced liability: By actively participating in Safe Rides, venues can lower their liability insurance premiums and demonstrate a commitment to reducing DUI incidents.
  • Improved community relations: Membership in Safe Rides helps foster better relationships with community boards and local authorities by actively addressing the issue of drunk driving.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and loyalty: Partnering with Safe Rides exposes venues to a growing customer base, fostering brand recognition and loyalty among Safe Rides riders.

Benefits for Luxury Transportation Companies Providing SafeRides Services

  • Increased business opportunities: Partnering with Safe Rides offers transportation companies a steady stream of customers, resulting in increased bookings and revenue.
  • Unique economic model: Safe Rides provides a distinct economic model that allows transportation companies to tap into a successful program that they might not be able to replicate on their own.
  • Enhanced reputation: By aligning with Safe Rides, transportation companies demonstrate their commitment to promoting responsible and safe transportation options, enhancing their reputation in the industry.
  • Access to a growing customer base: Safe Rides has a growing customer base that seeks safe and reliable transportation services. Partnering with Safe Rides allows transportation companies to reach and attract these customers.
  • Networking opportunities: Collaborating with Safe Rides provides transportation companies with networking opportunities, connecting them with other industry professionals and potential business partners

Becoming a SafeRides Driver

If you own and operate licensed and insured commercial vehicles such as limos, party buses, stretch SUVs, minibuses, or vans, you have the opportunity to partner with us and become a SafeRides driver. Our official provider, DriversNow, allows you to earn supplemental income by providing rides to SafeRides customers.

Benefits of partnering with DriversNow include:
  • Cost savings: By joining DriversNow, you can save on marketing and advertising expenses, as we connect you directly with SafeRides customers in need of transportation services.
  • Maximizing vehicle utilization: Fill in your empty time slots and maximize the use of your vehicles by providing rides to SafeRides customers during those periods.
  • Licensed and insured vehicles: Ensure that your vehicles meet the necessary licensing and insurance requirements for commercial transportation.
Please note that individual drivers are currently not accepted. We encourage commercial vehicle owners and operators to join our network through DriversNow to become part of the SafeRides team.

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