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Discover the importance of avoiding drunk driving and the benefits of choosing for your party transportation needs. With luxury rides at affordable prices, we ensure your safety while you enjoy your night out. Call 888-656-7233 or visit for instant quotes and bookings.

A great party is irresistible, and arriving in a safe, fun, and affordable limo, party bus, van, or shuttle bus enhances the experience. Learn why driving drunk can have horrific consequences and why is the ultimate solution for safe party transportation.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

At parties, alcohol is often present, making it essential to address the dangers of drunk driving. Intoxicated individuals exhibit impaired judgment, resulting in aggressive and hazardous driving behaviors, such as speeding, failure to signal, and poor visibility. The statistics are alarming, with a person being injured in a drunken driving accident every 90 seconds.

The Reality of Drunk Driving

Realize the intensity of impairment after getting highly intoxicated. Alcohol slows reflexes, leading to a false belief that one can still drive. Disturbing statistics, such as 28 people dying daily in America due to drunk driving accidents, emphasize the need for responsible choices.

Safe Alternatives and Statistics

Consider safe alternatives to driving yourself to parties. offers luxury rides at affordable prices, helping over 1000 people a week avoid drunk or distracted driving. Statistics show that an average drunk driver has driven drunk almost 80 times before their first arrest, highlighting the importance of making responsible choices.

  • Every 90 seconds, a person is injured in a drunken driving accident or crash.
  • Drunk driving costs each adult in the United States almost $500 per year on DUI’s.
  • An average drunk driver has driven drunk almost 80 times before their first arrest.
  • The rate of drunk driving is the highest between 21 and 25-year-old individuals.
  • Each day almost 28 people die in America as a result of drunk driving car accidents.
  • In 2011, an estimated 226 children were killed in drunk driving incidents, out of which 122 were in the car with the drunk driver.
  • About one-third of all drunk drivers arrested are repeat offenders.

The Advantage

Established in 2007, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to preventing impaired or distracted driving. We provide luxury rides at extremely affordable prices, saving lives and minimizing accidents caused by drunk drivers. Our services include classic limousines, SUVs, sedans, vans, and buses driven by professional drivers.

Book Your Safe Ride Today

Choose for your party transportation needs. With a focus on safety, affordability, and fun, our services start when you step into the vehicle and end when you safely arrive home. Servicing New York, New Jersey, Staten Island, Hoboken, Los Angeles, and Boston, we promise exceptional service with ease of booking luxury rides. Be smart—don’t drink and drive. Book a Safe Ride at and enjoy discounted rates today. Call 888-656-7233 or visit our website for instant quotes and secure your affordable luxury ride. Your safety is our priority.

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