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Round Trip is same day/night pickup and drop off service. A vehicle will take your group to the selected destination. When the event is over, your ride will be ready at a set time to bring you back home safely. Tolls are includes in the rate.

Return Date Note: Round Trips are for going to events and returning on the same day/night. If you need to return few days later, book two One Way rides.

Mutiple Stops Note: The vehicle will NOT stay with you the whole time. If you want multiple stops and keep the vehicle, book Hourly Ride instead.

Pickup Address. Enter address the driver should pick you up. Type in the address and select it from the suggested list. If city did not come up in the results, type in city as well.

Select Date and Enter Time for your ride. You can book up to 1 year in advance. Enter time the driver should pick you up. Examples: 8pm, 8:00 PM

In Additional Ride Info you can provide pickup details, special needs, or any other instructions for the driver.

Indicate number of people in your party. Up to 55 people can be accommodated.

Need to make a short stop somewhere? If you need to pick up your friends at another location on the way there, you can specify the address to stop. A stop is allowed for people pick up/drop off, but not for venue visits.

Let us know, if you will be stopping at the same location (e.g. to drop off your friends) on your your way back home.

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safe rides user google reviews
Safe Rides unlimited is an excellent service. What a professional company very respectful and well managed. The driver that picked us up was quick and got us to where we had to be. I don't usually ever write reviews but when a company like this comes a long i have to give them the credit they deserve