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Preventing Nightmares: The Importance of a Safe Ride Before and After Drinking

Explore the dangers of drunk driving and discover an affordable and reliable solution at Learn how our non-profit organization provides luxury vehicles with professional drivers to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey home after a night out.


Discover the potential nightmare that drunk driving can become in this scenario. From impaired senses to the risk of accidents, it’s a dangerous path that can be avoided. Learn how is dedicated to providing a realistic and attractive alternative to driving under the influence.

1. The Nightmare of Drunk Driving Picture this: You’re at the bar, enjoying a few celebratory beers. The atmosphere is lively, and everyone is indulging. As you become a bit tipsy, the thought of driving home crosses your mind. Despite your friends’ advice to stay, you insist on driving. The result? A collision, a chase with the police, and the label of a drunk driver.

2. The Psychological Effects and Aggressive Behavior “Alcohol’s notorious impact on senses and motor skills is well-known. When intoxicated, the suggestion to take a cab or ride can be met with aggression. recognizes the psychological effects behind drunk driving and aims to provide a more realistic solution to prevent the worst from happening.”

3. A Solution to Drunk Driving At, we are committed to combating the rising toll of drunk driving incidents. Our mission is to offer an attractive, fun, convenient, and affordable alternative to driving under the influence. With over 15 years in the transportation business, our non-profit organization provides luxury vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs, ensuring a safe journey home.

4. Affordable Luxury Vehicles for Safe Travel operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, offering a range of low-cost luxury vehicles, including Luxury Sedans and Stretch Limousines, Sprinter and Transit Vans, SUV’s and Stretch SUV Limos, Latest High End Party buses, and more. By partnering with local limousine companies, we secure discounted rates, passing these savings directly to our customers. Our user-friendly website allows easy booking for Round Trip Rides, Renting Vehicles By the Hour, or One-way Trips

5. Making a Difference: Impact We take pride in our impact, with over 1000 people benefiting from our low rates every week. By choosing, individuals save money, avoid the risks of drunk or distracted driving, and ensure a luxurious and safe ride when out with friends and family.

Solutions To Getting Home When You Are Drunk
Planning a night out? Let be your responsible choice. Call us at 888-656-7233 or visit for instant free quotes and bookings. Don’t compromise on safety – choose for a worry-free journey after a night of celebration.

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